Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Why Hillary is not fit to be President

It'll win her votes, but absolutely no friends in the wider world. Hillary Clinton has announced that if Iran launches a nuclear attack on Israel then the US could obliterate the country.

Let's not get into the rights and wrongs of what the President of the USA should do if such an attack were launched. We don't need to. In order to judge Hillary, just consider her decision to talk up an attack by Iran on Israel and the prospect of nuclear war.

Why does she need to do so? For all that she has portrayed herself as ready to govern from day one, Hillary now seems to be casting herself in the role of comic book action hero. Talking and diplomacy is for wimps. What the world needs is a President ready to obliterate first and ask questions later.

So what will happen if she wins? Iran will push and edge forward. Never doing anything that will unite the world (or even just the West) in opposition. And where does Hillary go? She's (over)played her trump card and has no stance at the table.

Unfortunately, the pressure cooker of the US election system will always force candidates into making stupid statements about the rest of the world - statements more suited to school mock elections than the contest to lead the free world. The US public might like to know that their President is 'in charge' but what use is that if the rest of the world goes to hell in a handbasket.


Paul Walter said...

Good post Alex

Alex Wilcock said...

You're absolutely right, and my heart sank when I heard Senator Clinton's latest posturing.

The trouble is, she's quite some way behind Senator "bomb Pakistan" Obama in spray-on testosterone.

And Senator McCain remains well ahead for singing about bombing Iran...

So that seems to leave, er, none of them!