Monday, 7 April 2008

Welcome - Politics Home

Politics Home has launched this morning. It's a sort of Bloomberg for the political classes (and yes, I realise everyone has made the same comparison).

PH has very little original content. But that's not a bad thing. Instead, it brings together all the newspaper reports for the day with such stats as the number of column inches for each subject. Further, it use the 'top 100 blogs' and has a live feed from these in the manner of Lib Dem Blogs. Disappointingly, this feed only appears to be for the main nationals. We shall wait to see whether sectoral mags and regionals ever make it.

It also has a news ticker. Well, I think that's what it is. It may just be party press releases slightly re-written. Oh, and a cull of some of the political videos and news reports.

Finally, it does have some original content. They have a panel of 100 political experts (ok, 99 and Iain) who are asked certain questions such as which party will form the next Government, what is the future for our voting system etc etc. I think Iain had a report about the perceived effectiveness of the thre party press operations (and that of the Government) which ranked the Lib Dems as slightly lower than Labour and both well behind both the Government and Tories. That' sort of stuff is actually quite interesting, but we need to see how often they have new content and whether the 100 expertsreally are both expert and a fair cross section of the political classes.

So what's my initial view? It's very black in its design. That makes it feel quite hard to navigate. It looks like it will repay fairly regular visitation during the day as a sort of first port of call to find out what's been going on. But I suspect that, unless the panel of 100 is very good indeed, the regular visits won't be for very long.

Oh, and I would say this wouldn't I, but it needs more photos!

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