Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Now this is summer!

It may have been snowing here yesterday, but it feels like summer today.

The Americans most definitely lead the world in how they cover sports and I'm taking full advantage with the new baseball season. Logging on to MLB.TV allows me to watch up to six baseball games at a time via the wonderful mosaic system. And the feed for each one is up to 1.2MB - so it's just about broadcast quality picture. With the current state of the dollar it costs me around £8 oer month. Fair enough - I don't expect everyone to like baseball the way I do, but it's on every day of the week and so I think it's great value.

So at about 6pm every day the fun starts.

At the moment I have the Red Sox beating Detroit, the damn Yankees winning 2-1 early against KC and the Orioles blowing out the Rangers 8-1. The Phillies have already done for the Mets.

At the same time I was able to watch Liverpool beat the Arse 4-2 on my old as the hills tellybox.

For all that Sky allow us to watch loads of games 'via the red button' there is nothing to compare with the ability to watch baseball in the way that MLB.TV does.

Now why can't broadcasters in the UK manage anything of quite this quality?

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