Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Maybe it's because I'm a dour Scot from Dunfermline

The PM has a piece in today's Mirror urging people in London not to vote for the BNP. The trouble is, he comes across as just so false.

Not in his opposition to the BNP. Although saying that they would have banned Kelly Holmes from winning Olympic Gold for Britain is surely missing the mark. The BNP win votes nowadays because they reach out to people who feel disenfranchised on issues like housing and jobs. Not because they want to ban people of a different skin colour from calling themselves British.

Where Brown really comes across as false is when he tries to appeal to Londoners as, well, almost a fellow Londoner.

"Its finest hour was its Blitz spirit."

Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Don't mention the war.

Any minute now he'll come over all 'cor blimey guvnor'.

"Londoners stood shoulder to shoulder to defeat fascism".

And he goes on. Raving about financial centre of the world (shortly to end under his watch), wonderful transport (and transport strikes) and then the pride and joy... the Olympics. Londoners split into two camps about the Olympics. There are those are paying a heck of a lot of money for Ken's self-confessed con trick to rebuild East London. And there are those trying to live through the rubble and the dust.

Actually, maybe that's the best reminder of the blitz spirit there is.

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