Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Kevin Rudd is all that Gordon Brown isn't

Australian PM Kevin Rudd seems to be belying all the previous images of him as a bit wet and boring.

First he announced that there would be no shell-suited Chinese goons needed to guard the Olympic torch when it comes to Australia - and he wouldn't be posing with it any way.

Then he goes directly to Beijing and gives a speech to a group of students in which he says that the Chinese authorities must grant human rights to Tibet.

If Kevin Rudd can show such leadership then why the hell can't Gordon Brown?

Brown has been humiliated recently by the Chinese. First he goes there and apparently fails to utter the phrase human rights in public (It'll damage trade you know) and then he takes part in a photo op where the Chinese make it clear that the torch is not even safe in Downing Street (but it's ok, cos he didn't touch it).

Weak, weak, weak

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