Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Photos of the weekend - the amusing bits

In amongst the serious business over the weekend were a load of light-hearted moments. The newspapers reckoned that Sarah Teather had the best joke with her 'three line whip to abstain on the booze' crack at the Rally. My favourite was actually Tim Farron's job swap with Fidel Castro now that they have both just resigned ('I'm going over there to teach them how to be properly left-wing and he's coming over here to learn about party discipline').

Of course I also picked up quite a few off beat pics. As previously discussed, I don't mean the ones that are unintentionally amusing purely because of a blink. But the ones which have a deliberate facial expression or action captured for posterity. So Mike Storey's 'ya-boo' to David Laws during their discussion about academies definitely makes it.

The last minute nature of the works to complete the conference centre inspired a lot of people to make comments over the fact that it did have a roof in time. Perhaps Nick and Brian weren't so sure. Why else would the Party Leader need an umbrella indoors?

Of course, even the best planning can sometimes not work out. As this sign indicates, last minute changes were needed.

Finally, that statue. Yes, it was unfortunately titled given the troubles Nick had faced the week before. And yes the 'anatomical correctness' did amuse the snappers. But no, no-one got a shot of the Leader with it. Sorry Iain.

Pics (top to bottom): Mike Storey says ya-boo to David Laws; Nick Clegg and Brian Paddick spot that the ACC does have a roof; room changes; that statue

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