Saturday, 1 March 2008

Paddick the East End boy

Brian Paddick was in Brick Lane yesterday for a visit to the Brick Lane Mosque and a meeting with local community leaders. He was joined by Party President Simon Hughes, Euro candidate Jonathan Fryer and local GLA candidate Rajonuddin Jalal.

First up, being Brick Lane around lunchtime, was a curry in a restaurant owned by a Lib Dem supporter.

After that, Brian met local residents emerging from the mosque after Friday prayers. The local Conservatives were along as well, but got nothing like the good response that Brian and Jalal were receiving.

We were then invited into the mosque to meet with community leaders and the mosque committee. This particular place of worship is renowned for its openness to candidates of all parties - giving them the chance to have their say and encourage worshippers to play an active role (for whichever party) in local politics.

Finally it was off to a local park where Brian laid flowers at the monument to those who lost their lives in the battle for the Bangladeshi language. Local TV stations were also present and Brian, Jalal and Simon all gave interviews.

Pics: Brian, Simon and Jonathan enjoy a Brick Lane curry; Brian meeting local people; Brian speaking in the Brick Lane mosque; Brian laying flowers at the monument.

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