Sunday, 9 March 2008

Liverpool - why it was great...

I'm back in Cornwall and reflecting on the weekend. There were some obvious highs and lows:

- As everyone seems to agree, the Crowne Plaza was a great conference hotel. The staff were hugely helpful and friendly. I know they'll not read this, but Tom the concierge and Frank the doorman were especially brilliant so thank you to them.

- The hotel I stayed at in Bootle was also fab. Really cheap and chearful but friendly and clean. £25 a night well spent.

- Liverpool Lib Dems did a great job in organising their end of things.

- Unfortunately, I thought that the conference centre was still a work in progress. From the smell of paint everywhere to the tiny, badly lit and overcrowded fringe rooms, it just didn't work in my opinion. I know it's not finished yet and it will hopefully get better in time, but Ididn't like it.

- I also didn't like the long walk between the hotel and conference venue. This was caused by the new conference centre hotel not being built yet. When it is then the walk will be very short indeed. The downside being that we won't be using the wonderful Crowne Plaza.

- And as for the wind tunnel between the conference centre and building opposite - the architect ought to be shot.

The talk is now of an autumn conference there. So long as everything is finished then I would be up for that. But it would have to be on a weekend when Liverpool were not playing at home simply because there is a real accommodation crisis if there is a clash. The trouble is that I don't think such a guarantee could be made (the conference booking has to be made before the fixture list is known). This alone would, I think, put the kibosh on things.

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Jo A said...


A couple of points:

1. I agree totally re the crowne plaza - fab hotel with great staff! A smile makes all the difference...

2. I can highly recommend The Feathers Hotel on Mount Pleasant - about £80 for a single so not the cheapest but I enjoyed it a great deal...

3. Long walk between the hotel and conference centre???!!! What's all this about not wanting to walk? It's healthy to have a 15 minute walk after sitting down for hours...I walked it myself and thought it very enjoyable.

4. Yes I think they were being a little too optimistic with the conference centre...I thought I had arrived at the wrong place!

5. Not sure if the architect is responsible for the wind?!!! Isn't that the planners?

6. Yes, Liverpool again...:@))