Sunday, 2 March 2008

It's all going horribly wrong for the All Blacks

Today really couldn't have gone much worse for the AB's. Losing at home to one of your relegation rivals with no bonus point to soften the blow. Seeing your star fly half stretchered off with a suspected broken leg. Watching as the line out collapsed yet again to gift the opposition a couple of tries. And not even being able to blame poor refereeing. The only dubious call he made all day in my view was to allow one of our tries which looked like a double movement.

The best thing about this match was that new boy Gavin Quinnell looked like a hot property. He made bullocking runs over and through the opposition to such an extent that at one point it took eight Coventry players to stop him (see top photo). The other player I had not seen before, Tim Collier, also looks a bit special.

As a friend put it to me afterwards, it really does seem all over now for the All Black's stay in League One. Two of their remaining matches are away at Northampton and, although we play our two closest relegation rivals once more each, we have to gain at least one other victory to have a chance of staying up.

Pics: It takes eight Coventry players to bring down Gavin Quinnell; Josh Lord stretches to score the first All Black try; Gavin Quinnell scores the second try; Sam Alford pulling a face

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