Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Cameron's questions - you bet!

Ladbrokes have opened a new market on the topic of Dave Cameron's first question at PMQs.

Surely some room for insider trading?

For the record, although I think that he will use some of his questions on MPs expenses and the Speaker's ludicrous decision to go to the High Court to try to block publication (just how much does he have to hide?), which are listed under Constitutional/Parliamentary issues at 12/1 - in from 33/1 since this morning - I don't think that will be the subject of his first question which is how the market is settled.

I suspect that banking and the state of the economy is how he will go. But backing the fave is a bit boring. So I think he'll realise he missed out last week when Nick Clegg talked about Iraq and he didn't. So, despite losing the vote last night, he might well rehash the subject.

Hat-tip - Political Betting

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