Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Paddick in Islington

All go yesterday as Brian Paddick made a series of visits in Islington. One of the big campaigns there relates to the proposal by the Government to close several local Post Offices. Among them the Essex Road Crown Post Office which seems to be very weel used by local people. The logic behind some of the proposed closures completely defeats me.

Brian also met up with local police officers for a chat. The Met seem to be interpreting the rules about photos differently in different areas. Yesterday they sent along a press officer to make sure that I wasn't taking pics of officers. I can understand their worries - clearly it is difficult when one of the candidates is a former colleague - but I wish they would be consistent both in their treatment of us and their treatment of Brian as opposed to the other candidates.

Apparently, one of Brian's former duties was to direct the traffic on the Seven Sisters Road when the traffic lights broke down (which was fairly often). He was very keen to re-create the image for posterity yesterday. Luckily, the phasing on the lights (which were working) gave him the chance to do so safely!

We also made a visit to a housing estate in Islington. Brian was shown the difference between the blocks built under the previous Labour administration (which are already having to be torn down) and the new blocks being built by the Lib Dem controlled council. It is saying something that any Council is able to build new social housing these days - so well done to Islington for finding a way of meeting the pressing need.

Pics: Brian with Islington Council Deputy Leader Lucy Watt and GLA Candidate Merel Ece outside the threatened Essex Road Post Office; Brian re-creating his traffic directing days; Brian with demolition workers outside an old Labour built block which is being knocked down

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