Monday, 4 February 2008

Obama to win big?

According to the latest polls, Barack Obama is set to win big tomorrow. Rumour has it he may even win California and Missouri - two states said to have been in the bag for Hillary just a short while ago. In the great scheme of things it doesn't matter who wins in the Democrat races - only how big they win (eh?). That's because the delegates to the Party convention are distributed proportionately. So if Obama wins by just a couple of percent, he will end up with only a single delegate more than Clinton. But it's all about the Big Mo - momentum and perception. All is the other way around in the Republican race where winning is all (there's a lesson in there about right wing psyche, but I can't be bothered to go there for now.
So get your ass over to Betfair where you can still get a decent price about Obama in California and Missouri. If you want free money (but not a lot of it) then take the 1.06 about him winning his home state of Illinois. Think about it - 6% return for an overnight investment. For a genuine gamble, try Obama to win New Jersey - 15/8 is a great price.
I'll be wearing my Obama t-shirt tomorrow...

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