Thursday, 28 February 2008

Harry - Did the BBC lie to us?

According to the MoD, Harry has been in Afghanistan for 10 weeks - which (according to my maths) means he went before Christmas).

Now, I can't remember what the BBC and other news organisations said when covering the Royals going to church at Christmas, but I'd be interested to know what they said, if anything, about Harry not being there.

As I understand it, the news organisations knew that he had gone but accepted the request not to report this.

Fair enough to many people's minds. But I bet the public wouldn't be so understanding if they thought that had been positively lied to.


Duncan Borrowman said...

Why pick on the BBC in your heading, wouldn't everybody have lied?
A quick Google threw up Sky's Christmas coverage saying:
"Princes William and Harry did not attend because as army officers they are on regimental duty over the festive period"

Ryan said...

From the BBC Editors Blog
"On Christmas Day, when neither Prince William nor Prince Harry attended the regular service with other members of the Royal Family at Sandringham, we agreed with the Ministry of Defence that they would say that both princes were spending Christmas with their regiments - William volunteered for Christmas duty to help out his brother!"