Monday, 18 February 2008

Explain this one...

So the Government is pressing ahead with new nuclear power stations on the basis of a need for energy independence - ie for the UK to be able to meet all of its energy needs and not have to rely on foreign states (oh, ok - on Russian gas).

At the same time, the UK Government is cosying up to China and various other countries of dubious morality who just happen to have very large sovereign wealth funds - state run investment arms which are busy buying up large parts of the UK's Blue Chip companies.

So on the one hand we could not possibly be in a position to have to rely on Russian gas to fuel our power stations...

... but on the other it is absolutely fine and dandy for the Chinese Government (say) buy a controlling stake in E.On, for the Saudis to buy half of BAE and for Libya to invest in BP.

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