Monday, 4 February 2008

Bugs and b*ggers

Guido points out that Sadiq Khan happily voted for ID cards but now complains that being bugged is an invasion of his privacy.
But what of MPs and their supposed immunity from eavesdropping.
Supposedly, MPs conversations are sacrosanct. But hands up if you truly believe that since the Wilson doctrine was adopted in the 60s there have been no illicit taps or tapes on radical (or even fairly conventional) MPs.
What makes this different is that somehow the tap became known about. How the Tories knew this sort of thing was going on has yet to be fully explained. But clearly they had an inkling and wrote to Gordon Brown about it. He promptly mislaid the letter...
To my mind, MPs do deserve to have some sort of immunity. Thye do a huge range of very sensitive work and need to have the trust of their constituents in doing it. So they should have rights similar to lawyers in terms of confidentiality. But I doubt very much that you will get too many members of the general public to agree with that statement at the moment. Why? Because it implies special privileges for MPs and Conways, Hain and Wintertons have shafted MPs in the public esteem stakes for a while...

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