Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Bugs and B*ggers (again)

Well obviously this story was going to run...
The 'prison intelligence oficer' involved claims to have been forced to do the bugging by the Met. That gives the lie to any notion that they didn't know who Sadiq Khan was.
And apparently officials at the Home Office knew fairly early on in the piece but didn't bother to tell the politicians.
IF all that is true (and we have so many rogue elements involved in this story that it is a huge caveat), then clearly the politicians are off the hook. But the Wilson Doctrine (about not bugging MPs) is fairly well known and so the Home Office people must be for the high jump.
And what of Sir Ian and the Met. Well, I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking (as I said last night) that a lot of this sort of stuff goes on. But if you do something naughty and get caught then I'm sorry but you have to go.
Somebody call Chris Mullin.
Them's the rules.

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