Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Brown to deal with wind problem

At PMQs just now, Labour MP Chris Mole asked about the objections that the Ministry of Defence make to new wind farms on the basis that they interfere with radar. Gordon Brown said that the Government is going to have to deal with the problems. I'll read the transcript in due course to see if I can glean whether he means that the Government will tell the MoD to cope with wind farms or whether they will just have to site wind farms elsewhere. But this brings up an big issue here in Cornwall.

Cornwall is in the face of the bulk of the on-coming weather and the high ground here is some of the continually windiest countryside in the UK. So we are the natural place for a load of wind farms. We already have quite a few (too many in some peoples' opinions). Now there is a big plan to site a big wind farm on top of the china clay spoil heaps north of St Austell. If you aren't familiar with Cornwall, it's where the Eden Project is. The area is dominated by massive hills made out of the spoil from the china clay works. The sides are grassed over and do gradually blend in over time, but they are still a very dominant presence. And the perfect site for a big wind farm. Except that Newquay Airport has always objected saying that a new wind farm would interfere with their radar.

So if Brown is really going to tell airports (both civilian and military) to learn to live with wind farms then it would be very good news for Cornwall.


Mother of M&J said...

Yes, but he'd need to tell the residents in Cornwall they'd have to live with it too - and there's a LOT of opposition

Anonymous said...

Tell them they have 3 choices:

1) Wind farms
2) A nuclear power station
3) No electricity